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 Our rules !

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Natasha Romanoff
Natasha Romanoff

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Our rules ! Empty
PostSubject: Our rules !   Our rules ! EmptySat Dec 23, 2017 5:00 pm

That's probably one of the most annoying things to type up ever !

You'll soon notice that your privacy is pretty much higher than on Facebook - which is great, isn't it ?

To keep it that way, please talk to one of our admins before giving the link to this forum to someone else !

We don't mind new members, we just want to make sure that there'll be no drama or jealousy.

If you know a great roleplayer and would like to invite them - let us know Smile

Now, we're getting to the most important part.

A great forum can't work without a few rules or " guidelines ", if I notice someone going against those rules, there'll be consequences ( I'll probably annoy you via private mail ! )

I really don't want to ban any members, so let's give this a try, okay ?

# 1

Roleplaying is actually a distraction from real life. Real life can get busy - I know what I'm talking about, I have a kid - and sometimes people just don't really feel the motivation / muse to reply to certain things. Please be understanding. No one is f o r c e d to spend time on here.

# 2

Please - if you're reading a roleplay and are interested in interacting with those muses - a s k.
If it's not signed as a closed roleplay, you should be allowed to jump in there.
It can get complicated with more than two muses, so better use the chat to decide who replies first, second and third, etc.

# 3

Some of our roleplays may contain mature content. Those threads will be written in a private category.

# 4

Most importantly, please don't be mean to our fellow members. If there's a problem with someone else, you'll have two options.
Solve it with them via private message or talk to an admin. There'll be no insulting in our chat box or else , I will have to ban this member for several hours.

# 5

H a v e f u n !!!
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Our rules !
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